How We Do It


Once your building is designed and approved by you, we will send it into our manufacturing plant where we will custom fabricate your building. After all of the raw components are fabricated, we paint each component and then send it to a lot so it will be packaged and be ready to ship to its destination.

We hand deliver all of our own buildings with our fleet of trucks and coordinate the building delivery with the construction of the buildings so we can ensure your building stays on schedule. We have multiple erections crews and we own all of our lift equipment. This enables us to have not only an on-time delivery, but a building completed as soon as possible. This is important in some projects we take on because as we all know “time is money.”

Along with metal buildings, we also fabricate and provided structural steel erection. We have provided steel services for many school and government projects in the area as well as churches, medical centers, and big industrial warehouses.

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